Fluffy Dog Bed

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🐶 The FIRST world’s comfiest, 100% mess-free Fluffy Dog Bed.

Are you tired of your furry friend sleeping on a hard, uncomfortable surface?☁️

Calming Dog Bed – HappyPawsLand

Our Fluffy Dog Bed is the perfect spot that your pet is looking for, a must-have for your adorable cat or dog.

Your furry friend will feel safe, and all his stress will disappear! For example, our bed protects your buddy from the anxiety caused by loud noises, like thunderstorms and fireworks. 

Here at Mister-Woofs™, we put usability, comfort, and our decade of expertise at the center of the process during this Calming Pet Bed development.

The result? We have developed one of the best dog beds you can find online.

Just pull the bed out, and your puppy will look forward to jumping on it and diving into its fantastic softness.

But it's not the only bed's feature that your pet will love:

  • IDEAL FOR ALL SIZES: our calming bed is available in small, medium, large (and even extra-large, XXL etc.) sizes for every dog or cat breed.

  • LONG LASTING MATERIALS: thanks to the materials used, your pet bed will last long.

  • UNIQUE ROUND BED DESIGN: thanks to its exceptional rounded design, like a doughnut bed, your dog will feel safe and relaxed.

  • MACHINE WASHABLE: your calming dog and cat bed is washing machine-friendly, quick and easy to clean with a cold program and a mild detergent.

      We are so sure that your puppy will love his new bed that we want to give you a stunning...

      🔐 30 Days Money Back Guarantee 🔐

      Our primary mission is to make you and your pet happy, so we decided to offer you this incredible guarantee.

      If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for ANY reason, you can contact us, and we will give you a full refund. Check the refund policy for more details.

      Take a look at our handy size guide so you can get the perfect size for your pup.

      Yes! You can easily remove pet fur from our Couch Protector. Better yet, you can get our Pet Fur Remover which makes removing pet fur a breeze.

      The Calming Couch Protector is designed with non-slip bottom that securely lock in place on any surfaces.

      Our Calming Couch Protector is made with premium soft faux-fur that is tear and bite resistant. Specially made for any types of dogs or cats.

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      Introducing the Best Anti-Stress Fluffy Dog Bed!

      This luxurious bed is made with soft, fluffy materials that will keep your dog cozy and comfortable all night long. The high-quality materials used in the construction of this bed ensure that it will hold up to even the most active dogs.

      • Comfort: Fluffy beds tend to be soft and cushioned, which can make them very comfortable for dogs to sleep on. This is especially true for dogs with joint pain or other health issues that may be exacerbated by sleeping on a hard surface.
      • Security: Some dogs feel more secure when they have a den-like space to sleep in, and a fluffy bed with high walls or a canopy can provide that sense of security.
      • Warmth: Fluffy beds can provide insulation, which can help keep your dog warm in cold temperatures (weather or AC).
      • Coziness: Many dogs (and humans!) love the feeling of snuggling up in a cozy, soft bed, and a fluffy bed can provide that experience for your dog.
      Get your furry friend the gift of a better night's sleep

      A fluffy dog bed is the best choice for your dog to sleep in because of the materials and quality used in its construction. The soft, fluffy memory foam, provide your dog with a comfortable place to rest, helping them get a good night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. These materials are also highly durable, so you can trust that the bed will last for years to come.

      The high-quality construction of the bed, with careful attention to detail, will provide:

      • support and comfort for your dog's body
      • help to reduce pressure points and alleviate discomfort
      Anti Anxiety

      Doubles as a pillow and barrier to provide a sense of security and relieve anxiety

      Soft Faux Fur

      Keeping your pup comfortable and warm

      Machine Washable

      Removable cover makes it super easy to clean and keep it hygienic

      How Is Our Fluffy Dog Bed Different From The Rest?

      Completely waterproof: Our Fluffy Dog Bed is equipped with a completely waterproof liner so you place it on any surface or material, while you stay stress-free knowing you’re protected from pup accidents.

      Incredibly comfortable: The soft faux-fur is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat. It helps to calm your dog and is like sleeping on a cloud.

      Stylish: Our Fluffy Dog Bed has been created with light or dark colours to blend into any area.

      Every Pet Owner Needs This...

      Is the Fluffy Dog Bed easy to clean?

      Of course! We designed our cover to be completely removable and machine washable. Just throw it in the washing machine to remove hair, stains and muck and keep your couch fresh.

      If that wasn’t enough, the couch has been developed with an odor-neutralising enzyme that absorbs pet odours and protects any area from pesky (and embarrassing) pet smells.

      Non-Slip Bottom & Tough Design

      Our Fluffy Dog Bed was created with a non-slip bottom. It will even stay put on a leather couch! For overactive pups, the fur outer was created to be tear and bite resistant.

      Perfect for pups, kids & cats:

      Originally designed for dogs, customers with young children and cats have loved our Fluffy Dog Bed for its ability to protect from spills and accidents.

      📦 Free 4 to 9 days Delivery - 💚 A corner of paradise for your pup

      Benefits of a Fluffy Dog Bed

      Better Sleep

      Your pup needs a bed where they can feel safe and rest easy. Better sleep means a healthier dog and a happier owner.

      Incredible Comfort

      Your pup needs a comfortable place to rest. We created our Fluffy Dog Bed with additional padding and luscious soft faux fur. The result is heaven for pups and peace of mind for pup parents and their furniture.

      Unrivalled Quality

      You’ve probably seen cheaper, lower quality options. At Mister-Woofs, we decided to prioritize on quality and create a durable bed that will be loved for years to come.


      "My couch was always covered in hair . My dog is a bit funny with new beds etc but got straight on this and loves it. No more hair all over couch and washes up great.

      The price is attractive and the quality is good so I am satisfied."

      Helen M.

      "What made me buy the product on this site is the rather low price compared to competing sites (between 100 and 130 dollars for this product in general) so I had a doubt about the quality but once I received the product I knew I made an excellent deal, I highly recommend it"

      Harry D.


      Are we crazy?

      No. We just have a great product. To show you how confident we are in our Calming Furniture Couch, we're offering a 60 day trial on all purchases. Picked the wrong size? Your fur baby doesn't like it? Just email contact@misterwoofs.com for a full refund.

      All purchases come with a 12 month warranty. With washing, care & top-ups your Calming Furniture Couch will last for years.