Calming Furniture Protector

Regular price $89.95 Sale price $39.90 Create a Calming Space for Your Dog with an Anti-Stress Dog Bed
🐶 The FIRST world’s comfiest, 100% mess-free Fluffy Dog Bed.

Tired of pet hair, mess and spills on your couch?

We created a simple solution. Protecting your couch, bed or even car has never been easier than with the Calming Couch Protector from Mister Woofs!

Cozy Bed - Official Calming Furniture Protector Bed - PUCAPEN

Close your eyes and imagine if you can...

  • no longer having to vacuum everyday your sofa to remove hair

  • avoid unpleasant smells from the sofa caused by spills, hair, and grime

  • avoid replacing or repairing your sofa, bed...

  • create a cosy corner near you for your lovely pet

All of this is possible now thanks to Mister-Woofs Calming Couch Protector™, you can protects your couch, bed, or car while providing a comfortable place of rest for your lovely pet !

🐕 Pup Benefits: 
  • Soft faux fur for a happy, comfortable pup
  • Ultimate comfort and joint support with our high bolsters
  • Removable and washable cover to keep it fresh
  • Protects your couch from hair, spills and mess
  • Beautifully designed to blend with your home decor

Take a look at our handy size guide so you can get the perfect size for your pup.

Yes! You can easily remove pet fur from our Couch Protector. Better yet, you can get our Pet Fur Remover which makes removing pet fur a breeze.

The Calming Couch Protector is designed with non-slip bottom that securely lock in place on any surfaces.

Our Calming Couch Protector is made with premium soft faux-fur that is tear and bite resistant. Specially made for any types of dogs or cats.

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